When it comes to waste water and surface water drainage, the Steinbrecher construction company is the right contact partner for you. In the field of sewer construction, we renovate the water infrastructure. Our range of services includes gravity sewer systems up to DN 2000, as well as sewer and pipeline renovations. In addition to the appropriate cleaning technologies, we also use the optimum methods based on the conditions. We also have all of the necessary authorisations in the field of waste management.

Because pipelines are continuously subjected to restrictions, project planning plays a central role when laying new sewer pipelines and performing servicing work on these pipelines. We help to make sure your project is successful with our team of trained specialists and using state-of-the-art technology.

Steinbrecher values safety and environmental protection

The high requirements placed on the quality of groundwater means that safety standards relating to the disposal of waste water must be strictly adhered to. With the many years of experience we have gained from a wide range of civil engineering projects, we are perfectly equipped to meet these requirements. When laying waste pipelines and constructing sewer systems and waste water treatment plants, we always place a great deal of focus on environmental regulations. The methods we use support a cost-reducing and resource-sparing way of working.

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