The Steinbrecher team tackles the challenges of traffic management in urban areas with a high degree of flexibility. Our employees demonstrate their dedication and creativity on a daily basis as they create their own patented developments in the field of track construction. We renovate and replace tramways and tracks at any time of the day or night – even when they are still in operation.

Our trained specialists have the skills and qualifications needed to rise to any challenge. It is thanks to this expertise that we are able to meet the high standards required for rail welding tasks – whether carrying out welding work on the track superstructure or performing stress equalisation on continuous welded rails and points.  

Our recipe for success includes proactive planning, efficient use of technology and materials, optimal utilisation of infrastructural conditions and skilled work. When combined, these qualities produce high-quality solutions in tramway construction that ensure our clients are completely satisfied.

All track construction services

  • Tramways
  • Track planning
  • Track insulation
  • Bituminous casting technology


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