Digitalisation 4.0 has gained traction in the modern working world, and if you want to facilitate and experience this digital transformation then high bandwidths are essential. As an innovative construction service provider, we build future-proof networks and connect people. Be it expanding fibre-optic networks or broadband networks, we do what is necessary to connect people and business in today’s world.

To enable fast Internet access, we provide fibre-optic connections using state-of-the-art technology:

  • FTTB – fibre to the building
  • FTTC – fibre to the curb
  • FTTH – fibre to the home

An overview of our services

  • IT network technology
  • Fibre-optic networks
  • Home and building connections
  • Broadband communication technology
  • Customer installations (in-house)
  • Charging station technology for e-mobility
  • Access networks


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